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  • 2SA1013 (TO-92L)2010/04/02
    PNP Plastic Encapsulated Transistor ,
    VCEO -160V, -1AMP, 0.9W,

     High Voltage:VCEO= -160V
     Large Continuous Collector Current Capability
     Complementary to 2SC2383
    2SA1013 - Enhancement Mode Power MOSFET Product List and Specification File. pdf
  • SMF212C SMC(DO-214AB)2010/04/02
    High Voltage Fast Rectifier,
    1200V, 2.0AMP,

     High Current Capability
      Extremely Low Thermal Resistance
      For Surface Mount Application
      Higher Temp Soldering : 250°C for 10 Seconds at Terminals
      Low Reverse Current
    SMF212C - Fast Rectifier Product List and Specification File. pdf
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